Motorised system MP 43 L

Корниз на батерия.

Aluminum track with length up to 7 meters
Maximum length of curtain rail up to 10 meters
Hidden curtain bracket for ceiling installation
Right angle or oval curving of the rail without joints on the track
Maximum carrying capacity up to 20 kg.
Options for track movement:
  • One way
  • Two ways
Two or more head gliders on equal distances in both track ways
–  Two operational modes
– Rated frequency 12 V
– Rated torque 0.8 Nm
– Speed – 0.16m/S.
– Cycles per minute – 85 pm.
– Maximum carrying capacity up to 20 kg.
– Soft start, soft stop
– Remote controlled
– Switch controlled
– Radio switch controlled
– Combined controlling system
– Could be integrated to “home automation” system.
– “Touch control function” – Gentle pulling can open or close the curtain.
– “Intermediate stop function”- The curtain system can set two intermediate stop points.
– “Тime function” – Opening or closure of the curtain with delayed start with outside remote module.
– Curtain system can be controlled manually in case of power failure
– Other options available
–Up to 16 remote controls can be paired with the curtain motor system.
– Lithium rechargeable battery.
– Lasts up to 300 cycles without recharging when the rail is 300 cm long
– Battery recharges per 3 months.
– Solar panel charging option.

Download PDF installment instructions