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Electric blinds – all you need to know.

Electric blinds – all you need to know.

Do you know that there is such thing as electric blind? If this is the first time you hear about them, let us tell you about the incredible products of RAEX Bulgaria!
Probably you have noticed how new technologies are becoming an important part of our everyday life. Twenty first century is the time of smart phones, smart technologies, smart homes and if you still haven’t innovated your home, installation of electric blinds is the best thing to start with.

When you take an important decision it is always good to know as much as possible for the product, you intend to buy. This is why we shall begin with the basis and will let you know how these smart and innovative devices could increase the comfort of your family. 

What exactly is an electric blind?

Electric blinds are innovative solution for your windows, that is fully motorised. Usually, at first sight they look very much like the traditional blinds, but they have inbuilt system, that allows them to mechanically roll up and down
This gives you high convenience – you have the option to control light and privacy in the room without the need to move from your place. If in the past they were treated like a luxurious exotic, that is accessible only for the rich, nowadays electric blinds can be part of any household. Take advantage of this attractive detail to your interior and for sure you will impress your guests.

How are they being powered?

Good news is that the electric blinds are not hard or expensive to install or to maintain. In fact you can use them wherever there is a main electrical power. Motor is usually inbuilt in the very system. This assures all unwanted details to be hidden and contribute for the elegant finish of your interior. RAEX motors are silent and very reliable. The materials used are light and optimised for any maximal load capacity and energy efficiency. In addition the integration to smart home technologies is a best example for lower energy use and protection of our planet.

How are the blinds controlled?

The electric blinds of RAEX can be controlled by remote control, which could be used from anywhere in the room. All you need to do is to press the button for moving up or down and the electric blind will do the rest.
You can set a specific point for opening and closing of the blinds, and why not to use the option of lifting up or closing them down in a certain time of the day. In case of emergency or if the electric power is down, your blinds could be pulled manually up to the desired point in the traditional way.  It is already possible to control your blinds with smartphone application or even with voice commands, if your blinds are integrated to smart home system. Electric blinds can be easily manipulated even by children. Make yourself comfortable and control easily the light in your room for getting the perfect atmosphere in your home.


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