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Five reasons to buy electric blinds for the summer season

Five reasons to buy electric blinds for the summer season
It is April and the sun is coming back, slowly but each day we feel its brightness and warmth more and more. Summer is just around the corner and is bringing also the burning heat, which can cause some troubles with the window blinds.
In RAEX Bulgaria we offer a wide range of blinds for any use. Let us share with you five wonderful reasons why our custom made electric blinds are exactly what you need this summer.
  1. Keep your home cool and with pleasant temperature
In winter season these are the windows through which usually the heat goes out from our homes. While, in summer they cause the opposite effect: wide windows let the heat and light pass into the room, but do not let them pass backwords; thus they transform each south facing room in a real hothouse. With well installed blinds from RAEX Bulgaria this would not be a problem, because you have the option to control them, so that you can protect yourself from the heat and to keep a nice room temperature; yet, there is a trick – you will have to stand up from time to time to control the blinds according the sun movement. It is really better that you can just stay on the couch, isn’t it..
Luckily we have a solution for this too – electric blinds! We can provide blinds with remote control, so that you could change its settings upon your desire and to optimise in a perfect way the exact amount of sun light in your room; we could even install electric blinds with predefined settings or adjustable ones, to fully save your efforts!
For best sun protecting effect we suggest light, dense fabrics, that will reflect the burning sun rays during hot summer days. 
  1. Keep away from the burning sun rays.
Summer heat not only raises the temperature in your home, but also it emits a high intensity ultraviolet radiation, which is one of the reasons to get a skin burn. This usually is not a big problem for your home, but in very hot days or in days with very intensive sun light this UV radiation could cause picture fading or damage of the floorings or the wooden furniture.
Electric blinds are the perfect protection against this effect, especially, if you automate them or set them intelligently, which we at RAEX Bulgaria would gladly do for you -  the automated blinds could be set to open and close in a specific hour, no matter whether you are at home or not; you can go out happy that the sun will not burn your favourite pictures and will not ruin your furniture, because the blinds will protect them while you enjoy the most important hours of the day.  RAEX Bulgaria offers a wide range of designs and fabrics for blinds and no matter if you need a blackout or a slight darkening effect, we would gladly help you. Contact us for more information!
  1. Sleep better and wake up well-rested
As the days during summer season are getting longer, sun is rising early and would not go down till late in the evening – in June it is shining from 4:00 am till 9:00 pm! This is wonderful news for the people who like spending time outside, but a bad news for those who like going to bed earlier.
The electric darkening blinds from RAEX Bulgaria are the perfect solution - our specialists will take precise measures of your windows and assure the blinds will perfectly match and prevent any light from passing through the edges. We offer a wide range of blackout fabrics. You could even set our electric blinds to automatically open in an hour of your choice and have a mini sun rise in your room and experience a nice wake up and a quality sleep, just as long as you need it to be.
4. Decrease sun reflection
The electrical blinds give you full control over the sun light, because you do not need to stand up in a period of time to regulate them, which makes them perfect for watching TV, gaming, working on a computer in a sunny day. No matter if you would like to use the remote control or would combine your intelligent blinds with the smart phone assistant Alexa to control them with voice commands, you will be able to set them at the needed height with minimum efforts.

As already mentioned, our blinds could be either full blackouts or slightly darkening. Could be set to open and close and let as much light in the room as you wish. You could see the whole range of blinds, offered by RAEX Bulgaria here!
  1. Take full control over the light in your home
The electrical blinds themselves give you full control to decide how to use them, but combined with an intelligent system they could open a whole world of possibilities. For example, you could add light sensors, that will allow the intelligent blinds to react to the changing weather circumstances by opening and closing, without any additional effort from your side at all!

We already told you about the option for setting a specific predefined time for opening and closing the blinds, but you could also use voice commands, smart phone applications or remote control to set easily and quickly the light level in the room. All these options make our blinds an ideal solution even for the unpredictable bright sun light during the summer in the United Kingdom!


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