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What are the advantages of the electric blinds?


Innovative and accessible.

One of the best things about electric blinds is that they are accessible. They are designed to answer the needs of the modern interior designers. If you are looking for an option to innovate your home or office with new technology on a reasonable price, RAEX products are exactly what you need. 

Comfortable and intelligent.

Motorised blinds could be controlled by simple push of a remote control button or through smartphone app. Window coverings are a proven tool for room heat optimization. The easier you control them, the more often you will be using them. Their function for predicted automatic opening and closing in a specific time by desire you can even stop thinking about their control.


Safe for children.

Traditional shades are controlled with long threads, that are causing troubles and insecurity for children, especially for the smaller. With RAEX products you can avoid any kind of such risk, because remote controlling of our blinds is even easy for the kids, moreover, the motor itself is inbuilt in the system and is inaccessible for them. Electric blinds are excellent solution for children’s rooms, school premises and for any room in your home.

Optimise space.

Electric blinds are an excellent choice for hard to reach windows, since you could control them from distance. RAEX Bulgaria can produce custom made , so that they can perfectly fit to the space in your premise. We would offer you the best option for you in accordance with your needs.


Smart home integration.

If your home is equipped with a smart home system, you have the option to take even more advantages of the full capacity of the electric blinds. In that way, for example, the closing of the blinds could initiate switching on the lights or the opposite.  Smart home systems have the possibility to measure the outside temperature and light and thus to help in optimising energy by smart control of the electric blinds.

Raise the value of your property.

Future is here and is knocking on your door. Installation of electrical blinds is wonderful opportunity for investment, that would raise the value of your property. Take advantage of new technologies and innovate your home with RAEX products.


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