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Let’s talk about WAVE curtains.

Let’s talk about WAVE curtains.

Wave is a very nice and stylish curtain system, offered by RAEX. It is being produced by a combination of a specially designed heading and WAVE gliders to get the perfect endless wave effect.

Пердета WAVE

Gliders are designed to guarantee smooth and stable movement of the curtains. The heading is with IZIMARK system for easier hanging of the curtains.
The final look of WAVE curtains is similar to the look of curtains with pockets, but the fabric falls exactly beneath the rail for a neat and unique style.
Wave has a number of key advantages compared to the traditional curtains:
 - Minimum distance in closed position
- Easy hanging of the curtain.
- Ideally formed wave of the fabric.
- Perfect look of the curtains
- It suits either a traditional and fashionable interior.


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